1978 Aug BJs 21st Birthday party Toronto1978 Aug 10 BJ’s 21st Birthday party in Toronto

Bryan has lived in 7 countries [several multiple times] and has moved 89 times. These were not just normal moves that a normal person would do. His moves were intricately planned like a NASA spacewalk, right down to the last minute and meter to escape his living area. It made no difference if the country he was escaping from was Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Turkey, or the United States. Cleaning, showering, and precise planning were his norm. He believes that if he isn’t able to clean things or take a shower, he would be better off dead, than be alive in a contaminated environment.




1991 Spring NALICO Convention BJ on Woodys Rolls in Frankfurt Germany1991 BJ on Woody’s Rolls Royce in Frankfurt Germany It would take him weeks of careful planning and cleaning before he left on a weekend of cycling, scuba diving, skiing, rock climbing, volleyball, or his travel voyages. He could not simply put all his gear together in a few hours, shower, then open his door and leave that day like a normal person would do.



He has seen amazing sites in the 31 countries, 9 Canadian provinces, and 42 U.S. states that he has visited or lived in. He’s also met amazing people, ate world-class foods, cycled through 5 countries, skied in 7, played volleyball in 6, and scuba dove in 5. 

1984 Aug Hollywood sign climbers Hardy l BJ r1984 Hardy & BJ climbing the “H” on the Hollywood sign in L.A.   1997 Nov US Thanksgiving skiing Matterhorn 4478 m Zermatt Ray Peter BJ Hannelore Tom1997 Nov U.S. Thanksgiving skiing Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland Ray, Peter, BJ, Hannelore, & Tom  1997 Sept Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany BJ1997 Sept Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany & BJ